18 FebSelf-Love Guide

Can’t visit a grocery store lately without seeing heart-shaped cards, massive displays, and teddy bears? It’s officially that time of the year again!

And we’re encouraging self-love, emphasizing how important it is-- not just during February, but all year long. Besides, how can you pour from an empty wine glass? You can’t! That’s why we’re going to share our favorite ways to Stellabrate® Self-love to help inspire your self-care endeavors this February and beyond!


1. At-home Spa Day

The obvious choice if you’re dealing with a lot of stress on a budget! There are many ways to do a spa day at home, but we recommend a nice warm bubble bath or a facial. Enhance your bubble bath with rose petals, bath bombs, and a good book. Sip back and soak in the bubbles while you enjoy a nice, chilled glass of Stella Rosa® Moscato Rosé.

moscato rose in bathtub

2. Stellabrate® a Solo-adventure

Whether you’re independent or rely on others to make plans, everyone should have brand new experiences alone from time to time. Think about it— if you feel comfortable conquering an adventure solo and have a great time, then you have successfully mastered the art of self-love! Whether it’s a week-long Euro trip or a day trip to the beach, solo time is essential for the soul. Make a toast to yourself and enjoy the quiet with a glass of Stella Rosa® wine!

3. Stella Rosa® Squad Day

Another crucial way to Stellabrate® Self-love is to set aside time to spend with those who energize you. Keeping a healthy circle of friends and making efforts to see them regularly is dire to our mental health. If you’re hosting a group of friends, it’s always a good idea to have a few activities planned! Some of our favorite activities to enjoy with a glass of Stella Rosa® include board games, lawn games, or hosting a movie night.

Don’t have any lawn games? You can make your ring toss with recycled Stella Rosa® bottles!


4. Create and Stellabrate®

This last activity is one of our personal favorites, especially for those extra gloomy days! Whether you are by yourself or with a group of friends, art therapy is a cathartic way to relieve stress and practice self-love. The best part- you see the fruits of your labor when your masterpiece comes to life. Some of our favorite art therapy activities include painting while sipping, upcycling Stella Rosa® bottles, and scrapbooking!

Besides what’s mentioned above, there are a million other ways to practice self-love. There’s no right or wrong answer on how to Stellabrate® Self-Love as long as you are setting aside some time each day for yourself.

What’s your favorite way to Stellabrate® Self-love? Tell us by entering our Stellabrate® Self-love Sweepstakes for your chance to win a $500 Visa gift card and a box full of Stella Rosa® Swag!

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