Italian Sweet Wines

Good wine doesn’t have to be dry. If you love desserts, you may love trying a sweet wine. Stella Rosa Wines offers a variety of excellent Italian sweet wines to suit every palate. Keep reading to learn more about sweet wine, including how it’s made and how to enjoy it.

What Is Sweet Wine?

What Is Sweet Wine? When we make wine, yeast ferments the natural sugars in the grapes into alcohol. Any remaining sugar in the wine after the yeast does its work is called residual sugar. If a wine has more than 30 grams of residual sugar per liter, it’s classified as a sweet wine. Winemakers use a variety of techniques to make sweet wine. Some are rare, like letting grapes get infected with a specific fungus called noble rot or picking the grapes after they have frozen on the vines. However, most sweet wines are made by picking the grapes later in the season when they’re very ripe, which is when they have the most sugar.

How Can You Enjoy Sweet Wine?

Many people enjoy sweet wine best when it’s lightly chilled — cooling the wine makes the sweetness less overpowering but doesn’t get in the way of the wine’s flavors. Sweet wine is also a perfect choice for making cocktails, so feel free to try something fun and new. Sweet wine can pair with a plethora of foods, especially once you delve into all the varieties of sweet wine available. However, you might try sweet wine with:

  • Desserts. This is a classic combination. For the best effect, make sure the wine is sweeter than the dessert itself.

  • Dishes with sweet components. If you’re eating food that includes fruit, a honey glaze, or a sweet sauce, a sweet wine could be the perfect pairing

  • Spicy foods. Most wines only make spicy foods more intense, but a sweet wine contrasts with spicy flavors and calms them down.

  • Salty foods. If you love combinations like salted caramel ice cream and chocolate-covered pretzels, you may love pairing sweet wine with snacks like potato chips or French fries. This works well with salty main dishes too.

As with any wine, the best way to enjoy sweet wine is however you like it.

What Does Stella Rosa Wines Offer?

Stella Rosa Wines offers a large variety of Italian sweet wines, all made with real fruit and no artificial flavors or added sugar. Take a look at our wines to find your new favorite.