15 AprStellabration Education Episode 2: Repurposing Bottles


Earth Day is quickly approaching and to Stellabrate®, we want to show you how to be kind to the Earth while still enjoying a glass of wine.

During our next live Stellabration Education show, host Nina Chantele from myFM will show you how to create centerpieces and home decor made from repurposed Stella Rosa® bottles! Enjoy the fun and elegant style of Stella Rosa® even after you finish the wine inside by learning how to find a new purpose for it. Throughout this post, we will show you just a few of the possibilities for your next DIY project.

To get you started, we’re offering a six pack of wines for you to drink and decorate! The Go Green, Queen pack includes Green Apple, Watermelon, Prosecco, Blueberry, Rosé, and Platinum. Shop online at San Antonio Winery to follow along with the fun.


Let's get started!

1. Olive Oil Bottles


This is the perfect new purpose for a Stella Rosa® bottle if you are looking to add a touch of magic in your kitchen. Start off by soaking your bottle in warm water for several minutes to ensure the label and adhesive comes off easily. You may have to scrub with steel wool to help remove the tougher adhesive. After removing the wine label, place a new chalkboard sticker on the front and use a chalk pen to write the new label. To finish off, use a funnel to transfer your oil or vinegar into the bottle and seal the top with a spout for an easy pour. Place them on display on your kitchen counter and enjoy!


2. Painted Vases


The next way to repurpose Stella Rosa® bottles is by creating a painted centerpiece to display your flowers in. First, remove the labels on your bottle by soaking them in warm water for several minutes then scrubbing with steel wool, ensuring all of the paper and adhesive is removed. If you want to keep the label intact, you may skip this step and cover the label with painters tape to achieve crisp lines.

Then, take your favorite acrylic paints and create your design. We opted to create a vase that will catch everyone’s attention. Place real or fake flowers in the bottle to bring an extra punch of color into your room.


Another addition to your new vase is to wrap the bottom half in twine to give it a more rustic feel. To achieve this, first use a hot glue gun to secure the end section of twine to the bottle. Then, wrap the twine around the bottle to your desired height and glue the end down.


3. Lanterns


Bring extra light into your space! This craft works perfectly for both clear bottles as well as the darker bottles. First, fill the bottom of your bottle with colored glass beads. This will make your bottles sturdier and keep them from tipping over. Then, take your fairy lights and feed them into the bottle, ensuring that they stay up throughout the bottle and do not fall to the bottom. The battery pack won’t fit inside the bottle, so tuck it away behind your bottle. We recommend using lights that come with a remote for an easy way to turn them on.


There are so many options for repurposing old bottles that we can’t cover them in just one episode of our Stellabration Education live show, so we want to hear from you! Tell us how you would repurpose your old bottle of Stella Rosa® by tagging us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.

We hoped you enjoyed this episode, stay tuned for more information on the next episode.

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