Semi-Sparkling Wines

While a fully sparkling wine is the star of the show, a semi-sparkling wine adds more subtle glamor, whether you’re celebrating with friends or enjoying something delectable on your own. Keep reading to learn more about semi-sparkling wines.

What Is Semi-Sparkling Wine?

Whether a wine is sparkling or semi-sparkling depends on how much pressure is inside the bottle. A fully sparkling wine has at least 3 additional atmospheres of pressure, while a semi-sparkling wine has 1 to 2.5 additional atmospheres. The difference in pressure means that while a semi-sparkling wine is still fizzy, it doesn’t have as many carbon dioxide bubbles as a sparkling wine.

How Can You Serve Semi-Sparkling Wine?

Semi-sparkling wines tend to be at their best when thoroughly chilled. Try putting the bottle in ice water for about half an hour or in the refrigerator for about three hours. When you serve it, you can put it in whatever type of glass you have available, but a slender champagne flute will preserve the bubbles better.

You can drink semi-sparkling wines on their own, or they are great in cocktails. The hint of fizz adds pizzazz and flair.

What Does Semi-Sparkling Wine Pair With?

Semi-sparkling wines are extremely versatile: they have enough character to stand on their own, but they aren’t so powerful as to overpower whatever you’re eating them with. Try drinking your semi-sparkling wine with:

  • Creamy Italian food. The acidity and bubbles of the wine will cut through the heaviness of Fettuccini Alfredo and other dishes with cream-based sauces, perfectly complementing your meal.

  • Sweet cheese plates. If you have a savory cheese plate, you might try a solid dry red wine, but for a dessert cheese plate with fruity flavors, a semi-sparkling wine can be the perfect choice.

  • Roasted meat. If you have a roasted cut of meat, like steak or chicken, a semi-sparkling wine acts as a counterpart to the grease and salt while cleansing your palate.

  • Brunch. A classic brunch drink is the Bellini, which is made from Prosecco (either semi-sparkling or fully sparkling) and peach puree.

  • Desserts. Semi-sparkling wines are especially good with fresh fruit, chocolate, and sorbet.

While you may love trying these suggestions, the best rule as always is to enjoy your wine however you like it.

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