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Online Merch Orders

Contact [email protected] if you have questions or issues regarding your recent order on the Stella Rosa Merch Store.

The Wines and Where I Can Find Them

What are the best corkscrews to open Stella Rosa Wine?

We have found the strongest and most reliable are the double-hinged corkscrews.

Do you offer sponsorships and donations?

Please fill out our Product Request form here: https://stellarosawines.com/product-request/.

Do you sell Stella Rosa Wines internationally?

Stella Rosa is available in the United States, Mexico (available at select Costco stores) and in the Philippines.

Do you offer discounts and coupons?

We occasionally offer discounts through our newsletter, which you can sign up for here at the bottom of this page, where it says “Join Our Newsletter Now.” We also offer unique specials if you follow us on our social media accounts.

Does Stella Rosa Wines expire? 

Uncorked, Stella Rosa has a general shelf life of 1 to 2 years and should not be kept longer. Once opened, Stella Rosa should be kept in the refrigerator and consumed within 2-3 days.

Do you use pork gelatin or shellfish in any part of the winemaking process? 

All of the Stella Rosa wines listed below do not contain animal byproducts and had no animal byproducts used as a part of the winemaking process. All other wines that are not listed below may contain meat products.

  • Stella Rosa Black
  • Stella Rosa Red
  • Stella Rosa Prosecco
  • Stella Rosa Pearl Lux
  • Stella Rosa Gold
  • Stella Rosa Platinum
  • Stella Rosa Rosé
  • Stella Rosa Berry
  • Stella Rosa Pink
  • Stella Rosa Peach
  • Stella Rosa Green Apple
  • Stella Rosa Tropical Mango


Are Stella Rosa Wines Gluten free?

Stella Rosa wines are gluten-free. They do not contain wheat, rye or barley.

Are Stella Rosa wines citric acid free?

No. The wines may contain citric acid.

Where can I purchase Stella Rosa wines online?

Visit sanantoniowinery.com to purchase your wines. Please note that there may be shipping restrictions based on what state you live in.

Where can I buy Stella Rosa Wines? 

Stella Rosa is available at many large retailers as well as many independent grocery and liquor stores. Use our online store locator to find locations closest to you: https://stellarosawines.com/find-stella/

Stella Rosa Sponsorships & Events

Please fill out our Product Request form.

Issues with Our Wine: Submitting a Claim

Please fill out this form in its entirety; we cannot process claims if we do not receive all information. Claims may take up to 60 days to be processed.
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