04 JunWhat You Get When You Join A Dry Wine Club


Wine clubs are all about convenience and special treatment for dedicated wine lovers. Dry wine clubs are designed to ship members a selection of wines right to their doorstep. A certain number of times per year. The wines in the dry wine club may vary each shipment so that members can enjoy their favorite dry wines but also be introduced to new varietals or selections. They may also be treated to an exclusive wine that is available only for the dry wine club members.


On top of the shipment of wines, dry wine club members also reap various other benefits like additional discounts on future purchases, VIP events and newsletters, and complimentary artisan tastings at winery locations, for example.

Buying into a dry wine club, especially for die-hard wine lovers, is a great deal. The membership price, when divided over the bottles in each shipment, is cheaper than buying each bottle separately. The winemaker, who decides which wines are included in the shipment, selects award-winning, high-end fine wines so you know you are getting the best.


All dry wine clubs will vary of course so it is up to you to find the one that will suit your palate best. One wine club might send 12 bottles of wine every 3 months. Another wine club will focus on dry red wines only. The San Antonio Winery – Riboli Family Artisan Wine Club does 3 shipments per year, and each shipment has 6 bottles. There is definitely a wine club out there for you – you just need to find it!

If you would like to learn more details about the dry wine club that the Riboli Family Artisan Wine Club offers, you can go online to SanAntonioWinery.com.


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