01 JunVino & Vinyasa With Stella Rosa®

Yoga is good for the body and wine is good for the soul, so get a well-rounded workout with a little bit of vino and vinyasa! After a long week, nothing is more relaxing than taking a moment for yourself and sipping on some wine while you unwind. Who says you can’t incorporate Stella Rosa® wine into your yoga routine?

Before we get started, we’re offering the Vino & Vinyasa pack with all the wines you need for your yoga sesh. This six pack of Stella Rosa® includes Blueberry, Rosé, Ruby Rosé Grapefruit, Moscato D’Asti, Green Apple, Peach, plus a Stella Rosa® sweat towel. Hurry and shop online at the San Antonio Winery wine shop before we’re all sold out!

Pro tip: We recommend using a plastic wine glass in case your yoga session gets too intense. We don’t want any broken glass to throw off our moment of Zen. And if you are a yoga novice-- no worries, we’ve created a beginner's yoga guide, so that everyone can enjoy some vino and vinyasa!

Note: Please listen to your body! If these stretches hurt at any point, transition into an easier pose and tell your doctor.


Pose One: Easy Pose and Stella Rosa® Blueberry


Today we will be starting off with the seated Easy Pose. This is one of the most recognizable poses in yoga and helps you focus on your breathing… and maybe your drinking. First, make sure your wine glass and bottle of wine are both easily accessible. Sit on the ground and lightly cross your legs, keeping your back straight. Then, pour a glass of Stella Rosa® Blueberry and hold it in front of your chest, breathing deep and sipping on this refreshing flavor.


Pose Two: Seated Forward Bend and Stella Rosa® Rosé


To do a seated forward bend, slowly straighten your legs and bring them in front of you, placing each foot on either side of your bottle of Rosé. Point your toes forward and bend at the waist reaching for the top of the bottle without rounding your back. Hold this pose for 30 seconds, making sure to breathe deeply.


Pose Three: Back Stretch with Stella Rosa® Grapefruit


This next stretch is perfect for a tight chest! Grab your bottle of Ruby Rosé Grapefruit, as it will help make the stretch a little easier if you are super tight. Place your left hand behind your back holding the bottle from the bottom, making sure it is aligned with your spine. Then, reach your right hand overhead, bend your elbow, and touch the neck of the bottle. Hold for 30 seconds and repeat on the other side.


Pose Four: Tree Pose and Stella Rosa® Moscato D’ Asti

We will now transition into our standing poses, the first one being Tree Pose. Take your open bottle of Stella Rosa® Moscato D’Asti in one hand and your empty glass in the other and hold it close to your chest. Then, stand on one leg and place the sole of your other foot on the inner calf of the standing leg. If this feels too easy for you, move your leg up to the inner thigh, but do not place your foot on your knee. Pour yourself a nice glass of Moscato D’Asti and start sipping!


Pose Five: Warrior II Pose and Stella Rosa® Green Apple

Start by having your glass of Green Apple in one hand and the bottle in the other. Step forward with one foot into a lunge, keep your toes on your forward foot pointing straight but turning your back foot perpendicular to the one in front. Bend your front knee so that it is aligned with your ankle and turn your chest out to the side. Bring your arms up to be in line with your shoulders and hold this pose for 30 seconds, making sure to breathe. Go back to having your feet together then switch which foot goes in front and do the same stretch on the other side. The best modification to this pose is to sip on your Stella Rosa® wine as you stretch!


Pose Six: Reverse Warrior and Stella Rosa® Peach

This next pose is a variation of the Warrior 2 pose. First, take your glass of Stella Rosa® Peach in your hand and go into a lunge just like the last one with the glass in your front hand. Then, raise your hand with the glass overhead as your other arm slides down your leg, lifting your chest to the sky. Hold for 30 seconds, then slowly bring your arm down and repeat on the other side, taking a sip between each side.


Finish up your yoga flow by bringing your arm down in front of your chest and walking your feet together. Ending in this Mountain pose with your hands at your heart will keep you balanced and grounded for the rest of your day. Lastly, sip on your favorite Stella Rosa® and enjoy your relaxed state. Namaste!


We hope you enjoyed sipping and stretching with us. Share your vino and vinyasa routine with us by tagging us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok!