The best part about finding a brand you love is finding a company you can trust and discovering their other products.  San Antonio Winery is no exception to the fact that they have a lot to offer and we invite you to visit our winery for wine tasting in Los Angeles.

Picking out a bottle at the store can be a little like shopping blindly and you’re not entirely sure if you’re going to want a whole bottle of the wine you happen to find.  When you partake in a wine tasting it alleviates the guess-work and lets you experience new wines you never knew existed.  Who knows what greatness you might find?

Not only will you get to taste an array of award-winning wines at our wine tasting, you will be visiting a Los Angeles historical landmark.  Based in downtown, on the same street where the winery first began in 1917, is the current wine tasting location.  Most wine tastings would require you to drive for a few hours to reach a remote winery, however, in Los Angeles you have the opportunity to stay in the city and still experience the beauty of a winery.

Lined with oak barrels, wood finishing’s and an extremely warm ambience, you’ll feel perfectly relaxed for a glass of wine.  You can complete your wine tasting experience with a wine tour!  Find all the pertinent information on our website, SanAntonioWinery.com.  We can’t wait to host you.

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