24 FebStella Rosa® Pizza Pairing Guide

Let’s be real, pizza and wine are delights on their own – but when those two are combined, the results can be divine! This guide is built to help you find your perfect match made in wine-and-pizza heaven. We’ve selected these pizzas with careful consideration, while taste-testing with our most popular Stella Rosa flavors. The results are in and they are mouth-watering to say the least…

1. Classic Pepperoni + Stella Rosa® Red

This classic combo never fails to satisfy your taste buds, especially along with a good movie on those lazy days in. You deserve it!

2. Hawaiian Pizza + Stella Rosa® Pineapple

This combo not only reminds you of your favorite vacation spot, it practically takes you there. Well, temporarily at least. Feels good to get a little break though, right?

3. Margherita Pizza + Stella Rosa® Pearl Lux Rosé

All the cheesiness in the Margherita pizza balances well with the dry, effervescent flavor of Pearl Lux Rosé. Yum!

4. BBQ Chicken + Stella Rosa® Rosé

The acidity of the BBQ sauce complements the fruity Rosé flavor.

5. Meat Lovers Pizza + Stella Rosa® Black

Meat lovers will rejoice with this tasty combination. You’ll love how the saltiness from the meat contrasts with the sweetness from the Stella Rosa Black.

6. Chicago Deep Dish + Stella Rosa® Green Apple

The thick texture and cheesy flavor is complemented by the fruity flavor of Stella Rosa Green Apple.

7. Vegetarian + Stella Rosa® Peach

Practice what you PEACH and pair our vegan Stella Rosa Peach wine with vegetarian pizza.

8. Basil Pesto Pizza + Stella Rosa® Prosecco

This refreshing combination won’t disappoint. The rich pesto flavor balances in harmony with the dry Prosecco flavor and effervescent bubbles.

And some bonus pairings:

Taco Pizza + Stella Rosa® Rosso

Let’s taco ‘bout this uncanny, yet undeniably delicious pizza pairing – Taco pizza and Stella Rosa Rosso! This pizza flavor is super underrated; it’s even better when it’s enjoyed with an ice-cold glass of Stella Rosa Rosso. 

Four Cheese + Red Apple

If you like cheese and fruit-flavored wine, this combination is more than just a good time – it’s your new favorite!

Tropical Pizza + Tropical Mango

It doesn’t need to be summer to enjoy a tropical getaway. This delicious pairing can be enjoyed all year long, and each time you’ll instantly be taken to your favorite vacation spot. That is, until your pizza and wine are gone!

There you have it – eight irresistible Stella Rosa pizza pairings for you to enjoy all year long with friends, family, or just to treat yourself after a long day!

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