16 JunSan Antonio Winery, American Winery Nominee, Celebrates 100 Years!

For almost 100 years, The Riboli Family has prided itself on quality, award winning wines. It is with honor and pleasure that we humbly thank Wine Enthusiast for nominating us for American Winery of the Year for 2016.


The Riboli Family is honored and humbled by this nomination, and proud to be celebrating 100 years of San Antonio Winery with our four generations of family.


San Antonio Winery has remained in its historic Los Angeles location since 1917 and now spans four generations of family members. Through changing times, we made it through Prohibition, thanks to a solid relationship with the church, and the permission of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles to sell wines for sacramental and ceremonial purposes. From Los Angeles, San Antonio Winery has spread its horizons to Rutherford, Napa, Paso Robles, Monterey, and across seas to Italy. It is because of our loyal customers that our winery is still producing award winning wines. Thank you, Wine Enthusiast, for recognizing San Antonio Winery as an American Winery of the Year Nominee, and thank you to all of our loyal customers who have shared your stories with us.


Our historic Los Angeles winery, founded in 1917.



Grenache from our vineyards in Paso Robles, taken during our 2016 harvest.



Lineup of our award winning wine brands.

Becky Sakovitch:

“San Antonio Winery has been with our family for four generations.  My Grandfather brought my dad here on his first visit to California in the 1930’s telling him that if he ever came to California again, it would because of the WINE!!  My dad kept his promise when he brought us to California in 1967; the first attraction was SAN ANTONIO WINERY in Los Angeles, most dads take their kids to Disneyland but not my dad!  When my husband and I got engaged, my dad said ‘Well it’s time to visit the winery.’”

Lisa Velasco:

“First I’d like to say that I have been going to San Antonio since I was 15-years-old, when the winery had a just a small tasting room.  I would wait patiently while my mom tasted.  It was our Sunday ritual to eat at the cafe with my parents.  I now am 35-years-old and take my three kids to the winery on Sundays to eat while I wine taste or have a glass of vino at the bistro.”


Thank you, Wine Enthusiast for nominating San Antonio Winery for American Winery of the Year.