Having a winery experience often requires a lot of driving and heading out for a weekend.  But not in California, if you’re in the SoCal region you get the convenience of visiting a historical winery right in your city.  San Antonio Winery is the best urban winery because it’s one-of-a-kind.  Located in downtown Los Angeles, on the exact grounds the family business started in 1917, rests this historical landmark finished with oak barrels, brick, and seating area in the back.

What makes this the best urban winery is not just the exquisite array of wines.  Our location has a wine store filled with unique knickknacks and great gift ideas, or a gift for yourself because it’s hard to resist all the cute things.  Next to that is the Maddalena restaurant.  Your nose would’ve given it away if you hadn’t read it here because fresh made Italian-American cuisine is hard to ignore.

This restaurant is not only in honor of one of the founders, the dishes are inspired by Maddalena herself who travelled from Italy and brought her cooking skills with her.  It’s the unique features such as this, which make this the best urban winery.

You can learn more about all the history within this hidden gem during a private wine tour offered 7 days a week.  To book a tour or come in for wine tasting, please visit the SanAntonioWinery.com.  If you like what you see, you can also host private events here!

Don’t miss out on experiencing a winery with 99 years of family history behind it and an afternoon that will be memorable.  Share your wine pictures with us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and #SanAntonioWinery.