09 MarMoments in Women's History To Stellabrate ®


March is International Women’s History Month, and women have made history in so many ways, so it’s about time we Stellabrate® their achievements! Read below to get inspired by a few women that have done great things.


The Woman With The Handbag - Danuta Danielsson

With all the negativity and hate in the world, it’s easy to feel as if you can’t make a big impact – but not for the Woman with the Handbag. This brave woman, a Holocaust survivor, confronted Neo-Nazi members at a rally in 1985 by hitting them with her handbag. Danuta shows us that there is power in femininity – she took a handbag, something that’s seen as a womanly object, and stood up for what was right with it. Go ahead and Stellabrate® the knowledge that pouring yourself a glass during a self-care night is fueling you to make a big impact.



The First Woman to Run the Boston Marathon – Katherine Switzer

In 1967, only 55 years ago, women were not allowed to run in the Boston Marathon, and Katherine Switzer was the first, entering using her initials K.V. Switzer. During the run, the race manager attacked her, trying to stop her from competing. Fortunately, her trainer, her boyfriend, and a fellow runner were there to help her complete the race. Take a moment to Stellabrate® those in your support system that help you do groundbreaking things!


The First Female Tattoo Artist - Maud Stevens Wagner

Maud Stevens Wagner lived in the Victorian Era in the early 1900s. She traveled across America with her husband, who introduced her to tattooing, and she gained her legacy as the first female tattoo artist. Maud was a pioneer and her artistry allowed her to pursue self-expression in a way that knew no bounds – except for the lines of her tattoos! Maud teaches us that Stellabrating self-expression is important because it provides a glimpse into our unique experiences of womanhood . But something as permanent as tattoos is not the only way to practice self-expression – you can express yourself through makeup, clothing, or even your accessories!


The Woman That Invented A Life-Changing Technology - Hedy Lamarr

Hedy Lamarr was an actress and inventor who created the technology that is now used in Wi-Fi, GPS, and Bluetooth. Despite getting greater public attention for her beauty rather than her brains, she did not let this be an obstacle. She continued to network with whoever she could, eventually co-creating a new technology that helped the US in World War II. Hedy is a great example of finding the power in all your talents, not just your looks – but there’s no shame in being proud of those, either!


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