San Antonio Winery is gearing up for a huge celebration as next year marks the 100th anniversary of the Riboli family making Italian wine and serving the LA community since 1917.  We love our downtown location and have been on the same piece of land since that time.  Inspired by this upcoming milestone we brought together two historical icons in an exquisite pairing fit for any wine lover.

We’ve featured a classic from the San Antonio Specialty collection, Imperial Red infused with strawberry flavor.  This is paired with cookies and cupcakes from another historical landmark, Canter’s Deli, because who doesn’t enjoy ending a long day with a glass of red wine and a little evening treat.


Our semi-sweet wines pair perfectly with light meals, fresh fruit and our favorite – desserts!  Grown in Italy and bottled in LA, we offer fresh flavors and 100% natural grapes in every bottle.  The Imperial Red boasts characteristics of red berry with a light finish and is always worth sharing with company.

Try it at our winery! We would love to host you for a wine tour or wine tasting and you can get to know more of our award-winning brands, find out hours and information at SanAntonioWinery.com. Share your fan photos by following us on FacebookInstagram and Twitter, #SanAntonioWinery.