01 JulFirework Fiesta

Get ready for the 4th of July with some red, white, and booze! Sipping on this Firework Fiesta cocktail will get the party going all day long. So, grab your friends and family and let’s start Stellabrating!


Here’s what you need:

• Stella Rosa® Platinum French Vanilla

• Red edible drink glitter

• Mixed red berries

• Blue curaçao



1. Line the rim of your glass with a light coat of honey and roll in red edible drink glitter.

2. Muddle mixed red berries at the bottom of your glass with a wooden muddler.

3. Place enough ice on top of the muddled berries to fill to the top, then fill the glass with Stella Rosa® Platinum French Vanilla.  

4. Using an upside-down cocktail spoon, slowly pour in blue curaçao to create a layer of blue on top of the drink, achieving a gradient of red, white, and blue. Enjoy!


To find Stella Rosa® Platinum French Vanilla, shop online or in-store at San Antonio Winery or ask your local retailer for availability!

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