Each day is a great day for the beach, much like wine! Stella Rosa knows it’s always a good time for wine, especially on hot days when you’re lounging under the sun. Chilled semi-sweet wines are the sure bet to keep you refreshed and to make for a fun day out. Our newest 8.5oz. Stella Rosa wines are packaged for convenience, durability and of course, to keep you stylish!

Stella Rosa Aluminum bottles are perfectly packaged for a beach day or beach eve. Either way, they won’t be hard to transport, they will keep your wine chilled and they are the best to pass around for everyone to enjoy. Their small size still pacts the same great taste of our Stella Rosa Black and Platinum but in a size that you can take with you on-the-go.

If you’re having a beach party picnic-style, bring the Aluminums with you because our wines pair great with light meals, finger foods, fruits and pastries, and they’re so easy to pack! It’s going to enhance your beach day in more than one way, and you won’t have to worry about packing a corkscrew thanks to the aluminums easy twist off. Share how great they are by sending a picture to our FacebookInstagram or Twitter page with #GoStella for a chance to enter a contest!


That’s right, not only will these mini Stella Rosa’s bring joy to your time at the beach, they will also bring you great summer prizes.

We love going to the beach and we love wine. Now, there is no more waiting until you leave the beach to enjoy your favorite beverage because you are worried about the cork getting stuck or the glass bottle. We’ve brought two of our favorite things together; now bring two of your favorite wines out with you on your next day at the beach.

Find this product in-store at San Antonio Winery locations or at your local retailers. Use our locator tool on StellaRosaWines.com to find which retailers in your area sell Stella Rosa products, check if the store has the Aluminums because they are fairly new and our distribution is still growing. We can’t wait for you to grab-and-go!