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San Antonio Winery history began in 1917 when Santo Cambianica decided to start his own company in Downtown Los Angeles. In 1936, his nephew, Stefano Riboli, came to United States to work with him. Stefano proved himself invaluable as a partner to his uncle and to the winery. When Stefano married Maddalena Satragni in 1946, the winery was already an established institution to California’s wine community. Santo Cambianica passed away in 1956 and wished that Stefano continue the business for the next generation. Stefano became the only owner of the San Antonio Winery. He and Maddalena had a powerful vision of their future and family.

In total, this is four generations of one family that continue to work for the Winery. Thanks to the passion and the determination of the Riboli FamilySan Antonio Winery remains the oldest producing winery in Los Angeles with over 99 years of winemaking. In fact, most of its wines are award-winning wines.

Throughout the years, San Antonio Winery has developed lots of different wines and for now has more than 19 wine brands. Amongst them to be discovered is Maddalena WinesSan Simeon WinesOpaque Wines and Stella Rosa Wines. We offer you what you need, dry wines, semi-sweet wines, sparkling wines and sweet wines.

Beyond being known for its delicious wines, San Antonio Winery invites you to indulge at the Maddalena restaurant inside the San Antonio historic winery. It is known for his traditional Italian and American cooking as fresh pastas, grilled meats, gourmet salads, sandwiches and appetizing desserts.


San Antonio Winery has three different wineries so that you can reach us easily in California. Meet us at Ontario, Paso Robles or Los Angeles. We are always glad to see you and introduce you to our products.

So, many reasons to come visit us!

To learn more about San Antonio Winery, visit https://sanantoniowinery.com and be sure to follow the winery on Facebook and Instagram and use #SanAntonioWinery on fan photos!

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