25 FebA Wine Club Created For The Sweeter Things In Life

Sweet Wine Club

The Sweet Wine Club is for wine lovers who love the sweeter things in life. In the world of fine wines, it can be tricky to come across a wine club that provides both delicious wines and satisfies your sweet tooth… Well, look no further. Our expert wine club team at San Antonio Winery hand-selects each wine with the goal of providing you a diversified range of tastes that burst with delicious, dulcet flavors.

Sweet Wine Club offers sweet red and white wines from the admired and diverse portfolio of Riboli Family Wines of San Antonio Winery. Three premium sweet wines are delivered to your doorstep every season for $49.99 per shipment. Each box features three unique wines, including a selection of Stella Rosa wines, crafted wines from San Antonio Winery, food pairing recipe cards, and other additional gifts and sweet goodies. The Winter box includes Stella Rosa Berry, Stella Rosa Imperiale Moscato, Chocolate Bar, two Stella Rosa lip balms, and more! In addition, you will receive FREE shipping on every box!

SWC Wines

Enjoy exclusive member perks such as Sweet Wine Club Cash, which is earned when you sign up ($5 SWC). With every box you receive, and every purchase made online, our members receive SWC Cash for future purchases… Have someone in mind who may love being a Sweet Wine Club member too!? As a member, you will receive a unique code when you refer a friend to gain additional SWC Cash. The perks don’t stop there! Members receive exclusive discounts on sweet wines from San Antonio Winery online store.

The Sweet Wine Club also aims to teach you about the flavor profile of your wine and the level of sweetness with our “sweet meter” (located in every box)! As a unique, adventurous, and passionate sweet wine drinker, we want you to experience wines that will put a smile on your face. Enjoy these sweet treasures with us when you sign up and don’t be shy to share your experience on social media! We’d love to hear from you! Follow us on Instagram (@thesweetwineclub) and Facebook (@sweetwineclub) and make sure to send us pictures of you living your Sweet Life.

To sign up and learn more, visit us at https://sweetwineclub.com/

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