28 Jan7 Lined Rims For Your Next Mimosa

At Stella Rosa®️, we are obsessed with mimosas! They are such a weekend staple, and no brunch would be complete without one. But even the classics need an update sometimes so we’re updating our sparkling drinks with fancy rims! Keep reading to find out our favorite fancy drink rims to pair with our favorite Stella Rosa®️ fully sparkling wines!


1. Freeze-dried Strawberries with Moscato Rosé

1. Dress up your fruity drinks with a glass rimmed with freeze-dried strawberries! First line the rim with honey and roll the champagne glass in crushed up strawberries. You have the option to grind the freeze-dried strawberries into more of a powder or keep it in chunks for a more rustic look.

2. Caramel & Cinnamon Sugar with Sweet Moscato

1. For a Fall themed mimosa, a caramel rim with cinnamon sugar makes your mimosa taste like the best apple pie you’ve ever had! Pour caramel onto glass and roll in a mixture of cinnamon and sugar then garnish with an apple slice to taste a little bit of Fall any time of the year.

3. Popping Rock Candy with Brachetto

1. Every sip is an experience when using popping rock candy on your rim. Secure the popping rock candy on your rim by dipping the top of your glass into lime juice then rolling the rim in candy. You’ll be sure to feel like a kid again while sipping on this nostalgia-filled mimosa.

4. Lime & Tajin with Prosecco

1. Mix some Stella Rosa®️ Tropical Mango and Stella Rosa®️ Prosecco together for a sweet and spicy drink that tastes just like the candy! Line glass with lime juice by running a lime wedge around the rim then roll in Tajin to enjoy your spicy treat!

5. Black Salt with Black Lux

1. Spook your senses with a dark and mysterious rim perfect for your “boos” in your witches’ brew during Halloween! Black salt can be secured on your glass with lime or lemon juice and will make even the sweetest of wines frightfully delicious.

6. Edible Glitter with Orange Moscato

1. Not only can edible glitter make your drink glitzy and glamorous, but you can also line it on the rim to give it a shimmery halo! Using your finger, lightly line the rim with honey and roll the champagne flute in edible glitter. You may need to use your finger to press on the glitter to ensure it sticks.

7. Frosting & Sprinkles with Pearl Lux Rosé

1. Perfect for your birthday Stellabration! Just coat the outside of the glass with vanilla frosting and roll in your favorite type of sprinkles. Add a scoop of vanilla ice cream inside the glass and top with Pearl Lux Rosé to recreate a cake in your glass!


If any of these upgraded mimosas enticed you, check out our Sparkling Cocktail Pack on sale now that features 6 sparkling flavors and a cocktail booklet full of recipes plus a jar of gold edible glitter! Click here to check it out! And check out our cocktail recipes at stellarosawines.com/recipes.

We hope you enjoyed reading about how to spruce up your drink. If you recreate these pairings for your next mimosa, don’t forget to tag us and make sure you follow us on Instagram and Facebook.

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