Stella Rosa wines, just like any other Moscato, are best when they are served chilled and fresh – they’re not the kind of wine to age. And with them being a sweeter wine, pairing them with fresh salads, desserts, and fruits will keep you wanting more. With a relatively low alcohol content and the “just right” balance of acidity and sweetness, it’s no wonder why it’s also a popular brunch drink as well. Check out what fine quality Moscato blends that Stella Rosa has to offer and see which ones your taste buds like best!

Sweet red wines are produced globally, all over the world! However, the best semi-sweet red wines, as well as those priced the highest, are generally considered the French Sauternes via Bordeaux. These are produced by means of a highly sophisticated viticulture process.

Start with Stella Rosa Rosso and Stella Rosa Black guarantee you’ll be putting these two sweet red wines on a pedestal.

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Sweet red wines like Stella Rosa Rosso and Stella Rosa Black are like fine sips of wonder and satisfaction. They have this incredible balance of sweetness to acidity with a full grape taste that you won’t soon forget.