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Wine Professor Presents: Sweet Wines Are The Best Kept Secret

Sweet Wines Are The Best Kept Secret

Most individuals lack the opportunity to experience the beauty and complexity of a top-tier sweet wine. We receive questions like, “Is Moscato a sweet wine?” and “What exactly makes the best sweet wine?” Well, we’re here to answer all this and more!

What makes the best red sweet wine, not unlike regular wine, is the balance between a sweet, full, grape taste and level of acidity. The acid gives that little zest or sparkle you taste when you finish off a good semi-sweet red wine.

Sweet red wines are produced globally, all over the world! However, the best semi-sweet red wines, as well as those priced the highest, are generally considered the French Sauternes via Bordeaux. These are produced by means of a highly sophisticated viticulture process.

Instead of extracting the grapes when they would normally be picked, they are purposely left on their vines so they can shrivel. Under the best weather, (fog in the morning and sun in the afternoon) they will hopefully rot. “Noble rot,” otherwise known as botrytis, is actually what you want, as this fosters a high concentration of sugar, allowing for wines that are exceptionally sweet.

In the past, sweet red wine was enjoyed with puddings. However, they are very diverse as to what they can be paired with. Appetizers such as foie gras and smoked mackerel pate compliment well. And a lesser known tip: sweet wines and semi-sweet wines are also exquisite with spicy cuisine. So next time you hear nay-sayers in regards to sweet wine, wine and dine them with a top-notch sweet wine, like any of those under the Stella Rosa name such as Stella Rosa Moscato, Stella Rosa Black, or Stella Rosa Imperiale Moscato Rose.

When it comes to pairing sweet wine with dessert, you only need to remember two essentials:

  1. Just like desserts, sweet wines come with different levels of sweetness. For the best dining experience, try to match the level of sweetness of the dish to the level of sweetness of the wine.
  2. Take note of whether the dessert is fruity and tangy or creamy and rich. White wines pair better with rich desserts; wines with a fresh acidity pair well with tangy desserts.

All this information can be very overwhelming for many newcomers to the world of wine. A great place to taste test and explore different wines is at your local restaurant or wine bar! Be sure to try a variety with your favorite dessert!


Sweet Wines Are The Best Kept Secret was written by Cheynne C. Stay tuned to learn more about wine from the Wine Professor.