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Wine Professor Presents: All About Moscato


An immensely favorable semi-sweet wine among newcomers and veterans wine-lovers alike, Moscato is for those who love the light, airy, sweet flavor that pairs well with brunch and dessert, or even tastes great by itself!

From Sao Paolo to Rome, the global presence of the Muscat (the grape used in Stella Rosa Moscato production) dates back to thousands of years, giving it a very rich history. It has perhaps the most unique fragrance in the entire wine world, even inspiring a term for the smell, “Muscat Aroma.” Linalool, a chemical compound found in the aromatics of the Muscat grape, can attribute to this unique fragrance, and it can also be found naturally in cinnamon, mint, and various citrus flowers. Here, you can see why the Moscato ranges from Moscato sweet red wine to varieties like Stella Rosa Moscato and more. So, is Moscato a sweet wine? Keep reading to find out!

Its lofty and lovely fragrance, a low body and alcohol context, and moderately fruity flavors had made sweet Moscato sparkling wine a popular choice to drink. Aesthetically, the wine’s appearance is golden with hints of orange and yellow, though sweet red Moscato is known to be on the more flush side of the spectrum. Sweet sparkling Moscato really stands out in its aromatics. Take one whiff of Moscato sweet wine and you’ll be taken aback by the ginger, nuts, honey, apples, pears, and peaches. Take one taste of Moscato bubbly wine and you’ll be mesmerized by its flavors and body, which varies from sweet to semi-sweet and relative acidity. Bristling with fruit flavors, ranging from apple to orange to pear.

Those on the hunt for an excellent semi-sweet sparkling wine or a good semi-sweet wine should look no further. Price-wise, sparkling Moscato wines on the lower end of the spectrum are usually fruitier on the palate, with an ample amount of sweetness. Sweet Moscato wines on the more luxurious side of the spectrum nixes the sugar and fruit in lieu of stone fruit, with peaches, apricots, and a floral aroma.

The exquisite Moscato should be enjoyed in a fresh state, soon after it’s produced, and chilled before serving. It’s simply delectable with foods that feature berries and apples, such as salads and desserts like pies, cobblers, and cakes. But the versatility of sparkling Moscato wine does not end there! Pairing it with an antipasto and cheese dishes will also tantalize your taste buds. The versatility of Moscato and its wide variety and pairing options, accessibility to the inexperienced wine drinker, balance of acidity and sweetness, and moderate alcohol levels makes this the ideal wine for anyone to enjoy. With a reasonable pricing, a taste like no other, and a body and style that is renown throughout the world, the Moscato is a sweet wine that finds fans in all demographics. Why don’t you find out what the hype is about and why everyone is looking to find out where to buy Moscato wine. Experience a bottle of Stella Rosa Moscato today!


All About Moscato  was written by Cheynne C. Stay tuned to learn more about wine from the Wine Professor.