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Wine And Cheese, Yes Please!


We’ve all heard it before, but there’s a reason for clichés and a reason Italians love wine and cheese, because it’s truly the perfect blend! After trying these pairing recommendations, you’ll probably be hearing yourself talking about wine and cheese a lot more, and like a pro.

Stella Rosa’s semi-sweet red wines accompany hard or soft cheeses and make for the most delectable afternoon or evening snack. Because of their semi-sweet character and bold fruity flavors, cheese and fruits go great on the side of these wines. We’re going to feature three of our front runner red wines with a hard cheese for you to treat your taste buds with.

Stella Rosa Rosso is our original semi-sweet red blend, smooth and slightly bubbly with a hint of strawberry. Try this with Fiore Sardo Cheese. Both are from small regions in Italy and make for big tastes.

Stella Rosa Red is deep in color and in flavor of red plum, raspberry and strawberry. Also from Italy is Grana Padano cheese that compliments those fruity flavors in this red wine. If you like Parmigiano Reggiano you’ll be a fan of Grana Padano and an even bigger fan of its semi-sweet red Stella Rosa wine partner.


Stella Rosa Black is bold, fearless and has become a big hit with our loyal customers. The flavors of black cherry and blueberries pairs well with Manchego cheese, which is well-aged and robust.

These pairings are just to get you started because the truth is our array of wine flavors pairs well with an array of foods. Just be sure to serve your wines chilled and to savor every last bit of this delicious pairing. For more yummy ideas follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and learn more about Stella Rosa wines at StellaRosaWines.com. Stella Rosa Wines can be purchased at your local retailer, at San Antonio Winery in Los Angeles, Ontario, and Paso Robles, or online at SanAntonioWinery.com.

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