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What Makes A Dry Wine Dry?


You hear the term “dry wine” all the time but do you really know what the “dry” part means? It is used to refer to the level of residual sugar in the wine. A dry wine will have no (or very little) residual sugar. Residual sugar gets converted into alcohol during the fermentation process, so the less residual sugar, the less sweet the wine is, and thus the more of a dry wine it will be.

That being said, even though a dry wine will not have any residual sugar doesn’t mean it won’t have any fruitiness to it! You will still taste the fruit flavors in an excellent dry wine, it just won’t taste sweet, like fruit juice or sweet wines like the ones from the Stella Rosa brand.

Photo: http://www.cliseetiquette.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/MP900442439.jpg

It takes some time for post people to get used to the taste (the tannins) of dry wine so be patient. Don’t take one sip, be a bit shocked by its powerful taste, and then swear it off. You’ll gradually notice all the great flavors and aromas of dry wine the more you get to try it and learn about it. Plus, pairing dry wine with your favorite meals – now that can get pretty fun, just trying to find the perfect match.

To learn about different styles of dry wine, please visit SanAntonioWinery.com, where you will find a variety of excellent brands and styles. Or, if you’d like to learn more about semi-sweet wines, please visit StellaRosa.com.