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The Wine To Offer Your Friend Who Hates Wine


We all have that one friend who does not like wine. Whether they had a bad experience, they have not expanded their wine palate far enough to figure out what they actually like, or they just refuse to try it, we have the wine for them to try: Moscato White Wine.


The perfect combination of a classic white wine and a dessert wine, Moscato white wine is the perfect wine to try. Being one of the top white wines, Moscato white wine pairs well with most dishes, and serves as an incredible aperitif, with appetizers, and with dessert. Moscato white wines can be sparkling or non-sparkling, but are often times sweet, always fruity, and are the perfect combination of citrus and musk, a delicious taste on all palates. Once one tries any type of Moscato white wine, they will not forget the taste. It is a taste specific to the Muscat grape, that is near impossible to duplicate. It is because of this unique taste that Moscato white wines are so popular and loved by so many wine drinkers, especially those just starting to try their wine palate.

Whether you are that friend who claims they don’t like wine, you have that friend, or you are in the market for trying something new, Moscato white wine is definitely for you!

For a listing of our Moscato and white wines visit us online at StellaRosa.com or SanAntonioWinery.com


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