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The Wine Gift That Keeps On Giving


The holiday season is always fun and joyful! That is, until you have to buy a present for the one person who either hates everything, or has everything. We can assure you, the one thing they will not hate or have (or have too much of) is semi-sweet sparkling wine.

Perfect for any occasion, semi-sweet sparkling wine is often overlooked and put on the back burner. Rather, this delicious sparkling wine should be at all of your holiday parties, family gatherings, and friend nights because it pairs so excellently with different foods and people. Overall, sparkling wine like Stella Rosa Imperiale Prosecco is the ultimate festive drink to have.


No matter the mood, food, person, or personality, semi-sweet sparkling wine is bound to bring joy to everyone’s face when seen under the tree or with a beautiful bow on top. For more information on our list of semi-sweet sparkling wines and where to locate them, visit us online at StellaRosa.com or SanAntonioWinery.com


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