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The Imperiale Way To Stellabrate NYE


Stellabrate the New Year with the Stella Rosa Imperiale Collection! These five artisan sparkling wines will bring you into the New Year the right way. We have characterized these five delicious Imperiale wines to help you find your best match! So which Stella Rosa Imperiale are you? OR, better yet, which Stella Rosa Imperiale wine do you strive to be in the coming New Year?

The Young at Heart: Delicate, sophisticated, and colorful, Imperiale Moscato Rose has flavors of rich nectarine and yellow peach.

The Romantic One: Vigorous, smooth, and with notes of strawberries, Imperiale Brachetto D’Acqui is delicious with its tastes of red raspberries and rose petals. This Imperiale wine was rated 92 points at the San Francisco International Wine Competition!


The Refined One: Graceful, sophisticated, and relaxing, the Imperiale Prosecco was rated 95 points at the LA International Wine Competition and has flavors of delicate bosc pear, yellow apple, and lemon.

The Spirited One: Floral, fruity, and tastes like spring, Imperiale Moscato has delicious notes of crisp peach and apricot

The Fearless One: Bright, zesty, and bold, Imperiale Orange Moscato has aromas of the orange blossom and incredible flavors of fresh apricots and peaches.

Grab your friends and grab the bottle of sparkling wine that best describes you for a New Year worth celebrating! For more information on the Stella Rosa Imperiale Collection or other Stella Rosa wines, visit us online at StellaRosa.com or SanAntonioWinery.com


Img. 1: @dee_liishh

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