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32_italian cream cake Today we're having our cake, eating it too, and pairing it with Stella Rosa, because who doesn’t love a cake and wine combo? We are all about mixing sweets and our sweet tooth is on overdrive this month, so we are pairing this tasty Italian Cream Cake with our Stella Rosa Platinum. The natural flavors of green apple and vanilla in Stella Platinum really brings out the creaminess in this decadent Italian cake.
There's more than one way to enjoy good wine and that's by adding it into food, especially desserts. You get the best of both worlds when you can enjoy your wine-infused dessert with a glass of wine! An extra serving of wine never hurts! And don't worry about wasting wine on experiments gone wrong - you know I've got you covered! Try out some of my 7 favorite dessert recipes that I like to kick up a notch with the addition of Stella Rosa.