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Being an adult is expensive! There is so much we have to spend on like bills, rent, groceries, clothes, and alcohol. Yes, alcohol is a necessity in many of our lives and as much as we like the occasional drink now and then, just one drink alone can cost $10-15 (on the low side). Don’t you wish you were able to make your own wine cocktail recipes at home on your own? You’ll have to buy the ingredients but if you break it down, you’ll end up spending less and get more cocktails out of it! Wine-Cocktail-Recipes_2 What you should do is look online for recipes of your favorite wine cocktails, as well as looking for some that you may have never tried before. Take into consideration the level of difficulty of the wine cocktails. Some will have you creating a simple syrup on the stove. Others may require a blender. Yet some may also ask for ingredients you are unfamiliar with. Also keep in mind the ratios of ingredients and prices.


Stella Rosa is a semi-sweet, semi-sparkling wine that is versatile and pairs well with a variety of desserts, appetizers, and meals. The beauty of Stella Rosa is that you can enjoy it at any time and not feel like you’re breaking any “wine rules!” It is crisp and refreshing and best enjoyed chilled. Stella Rosa also provides wine cocktail recipes which we are pleased to share our 3 favorite ones with you. These you can enjoy at your next dinner party, girls night, or just alongside your weekday/weekend dinners. You can even consider some of these Stella Rosa wine cocktail recipes for your upcoming holiday gatherings!



Peaches are in season and it's National Peach Month, so naturally, we're Stellabrating with peaches. We love a good and refreshing day drink, so we are whipping up one of our Summer favorites: sangria, peach sangria to be exact!  This classic and tasty wine party cocktail can be created in just 5 easy minutes.  So go ahead and invite all your thirsty friends over and pour yourself a glass of our Stella Rosa Peach Sangria. Cheers!


We're all about wine, parties, and DIYs. Since summer is a popular time for showers, engagement parties and girlfriend brunches, we thought we'd show you how to DIY your own Stella Rosa Mimosa Bar.  It’s a simple and fun way to keep your guests entertained and liquored up.  So if you’re thinking of hosting a party in the near future, consider these quick and easy steps to get you through your first DIY Mimosa Bar.  We guarantee it will be the hit of the party!