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Show your patriotic side by mixing up these 4th of July inspired cocktails infused with some of your favorite Stella Rosa flavors.You might end up seeing stars and stripes, but it's all in the name of this fine country we call America! Make this Independence Day a reason to Stellabrate. So, let's get mixing!
How many of you know that May 25 is National Wine Day? We're not just making it up! It's time to uncork some bottles of Stella Rosa because why wouldn't you Stellabrate your favorite alcoholic drink! After all, it IS a National Holiday... The question remains: how do you go about Stellabrating National Wine Day? The answer: host your very own Stella Rosa tasting party! Wine tastings aren't reserved for fancy restaurants and wineries. Your home can be the ideal place for family and friends to wine-down on this epic holiday. A little shopping and planning can make this wine tasting event fun and affordable and we've got all the tips to get you started! il_fullxfull.320727880