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Pumpkin Spice latte in the morning, Stella Rosa Pumpkin Spice cocktail in the evening - That's how you should treat your taste buds this holiday season! We've brought back this ever-popular cocktail for you and all that's required is a handful of kitchen spices and...


Not all of us are crafty or even want to be, so DIY isn’t our thang but if it means the difference between saving your furniture or having to buy a new couch…well you’ll want to arm yourself with these handy DIY tips. It’s the curse of the white fabric. After many unpleasant experiences of walking around half the day sporting unwanted sweet red wine stains and asking people for Tide pens, I’ve concluded white is a magnet for stains. Sadly, it’s not just limited to shirts either; we must be cautioned around all white fabrics. The latest victim, my friend’s brand new pristine white linen couch, yikes is right. Nothing puts a halt on the red wine and dining fun like a spilt drink.

Moms deserve recognition at the very least once a year, but coming up with a unique gift can be a challenge.  This year, no need to worry because we have the perfect way to make the moms in your life not only feel special but...

SR_Nov_Macarons_1 Macarons are one of our favorite desserts.  We love the chewy texture and taste from the crisp little cookie and can’t get enough of the soft creamy filling.  Today we are helping you pair these popular sweet French confections with Stella Rosa for a truly delicious and special experience.


Stella Rosa is a semi-sweet, semi-sparkling wine that is versatile and pairs well with a variety of desserts, appetizers, and meals. The beauty of Stella Rosa is that you can enjoy it at any time and not feel like you’re breaking any “wine rules!” It is crisp and refreshing and best enjoyed chilled. Stella Rosa also provides wine cocktail recipes which we are pleased to share our 3 favorite ones with you. These you can enjoy at your next dinner party, girls night, or just alongside your weekday/weekend dinners. You can even consider some of these Stella Rosa wine cocktail recipes for your upcoming holiday gatherings!


Dark-Wines-Are-The-New-White-Wine_1 Wine drinkers are always looking for a simple and refreshing wine. Dark wines are becoming more popular among wine drinkers and we found a list of dark wines that light, crisp, and refreshing. You will love this selection of dark wines from Stella Rosa.
Sweet Wines Are The Best Kept Secret Most individuals lack the opportunity to experience the beauty and complexity of a top-tier sweet wine. We receive questions like, "Is Moscato a sweet wine?" and "What exactly makes the best sweet wine?" Well, we're here to answer all this and more! What makes the best red sweet wine, not unlike regular wine, is the balance between a sweet, full, grape taste and level of acidity. The acid gives that little zest or sparkle you taste when you finish off a good semi-sweet red wine.