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Although we may not want to admit it, all of us have done at least a couple of these things on the most loving (or annoying) holiday of the year; Valentine's Day! Whether you're going out with your boo or spending your Valentine's Day with...

Stellabrate the month of love with these decadent Stella Rosa and chocolate pairings! Chocolate and wine have always made the perfect pair (almost as perfect as the pairing of you and your lover!) And not to worry because this year we've made it easier for you - just follow our pairing guide! So whether you're sending a heart-shaped chocolate box or any other type of chocolate assortment, this guide will help you pair the perfect Stella Rosa wines with your chocolaty Valentine's Day gifts! Stella and Chocolate 1

Valentine's Day isn't just about significant others - share your love and appreciation for your closest friends and family members too!


On her blog Frosting & Fringe, Jessica Brown talks about a simple yet meaningful concept: "invest in people who invest in you." Take a little time this Valentine's to do just that for your girlfriends! Grab inspiration from Jessica, who gathered small, inexpensive treats, goodies, and essentials like chocolates, nail polish, and Stella Rosa wine. Your girlfriends will adore the thoughtfulness even before opening their gifts! Read Jessica's post in its entirety here.

That period leading up to Valentines Day makes for trying times. Racking your brain trying to think of a gift that's both thoughtful and unique is tricky. And besides, some of us just aren't hardwired for creativity. But don't fret, I've got your back. Here are five great DIY ideas that will get your loved one's heart pounding. Share your love and affection the crafty (and really inexpensive) way ... accompanied by a bottle of Stella Rosa, of course.