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If you haven’t heard of Moscato, it’d be as unfortunate as not hearing that Snoop Dogg jam. Moscato wine is divine and that’s not a cliché. They’re bubbly, semi-sweet, fruity flavored and are so beautiful to look at, it’s true! Most of us are used to popping the champagne for special evenings but it’s always nice to know about who’s new and different on the scene. Our 5-member band is rocking when it comes to pleasing the crowd. You’ll get all the points for presentation and for satisfaction. Not only will you be basking in compliments, you and your guests will be basking in the company of summer peach, apricot, wild flowers, orange blossom, bosc pear, and that’s just to name a few.


We are big fans of cheese and even bigger fans of wine, so naturally cheese and wine is one of our favorite combos.  Stella Rosa Moscato wines pair perfectly with cheese and today we are breaking down some of our favorite Stella Rosa Moscato wine and cheese combinations.


Roses, chocolate strawberries, and sweet red wine might be cliché for Valentine’s Day, but really, the girls will always appreciate it and absolutely love it, even for being such a “traditional” gift. Many find Valentine’s Day to be cheesy, corny, unnecessary, but trust us, even if she says that, give her a nice gift anyway.
Beyoncé is going on tour, the Super Bowl happened, and now it is time to focus on Valentine’s Day, or maybe Galentine’s Day, whichever you prefer.  Whether you are planning the perfect date, planning on being surprised by your partner, or figuring out what to do with your girls, Valentine’s Day weekend is the perfect opportunity to break out your favorite semi-sweet sparkling wine and some glasses. Stella Rosa is the perfect wine for this weekend because it pairs great with multiple dishes, especially romantic dinners and chocolate dipped strawberries. Take an alternative route to Champagne this Valentine’s Day with America’s favorite semi-sweet sparkling wine, Stella Rosa. Flavors range from Moscato, to fruity, to semi-sweet red wines. Pair your favorite semi-sweet sparkling wine with chocolates, strawberries, dinner, everything!

Valentine's Day isn't just about significant others - share your love and appreciation for your closest friends and family members too!


On her blog Frosting & Fringe, Jessica Brown talks about a simple yet meaningful concept: "invest in people who invest in you." Take a little time this Valentine's to do just that for your girlfriends! Grab inspiration from Jessica, who gathered small, inexpensive treats, goodies, and essentials like chocolates, nail polish, and Stella Rosa wine. Your girlfriends will adore the thoughtfulness even before opening their gifts! Read Jessica's post in its entirety here.