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Chickpea Cake with Vadouvan Cauliflower, Duck Confit and Pickled Chilis When done correctly, pairing sweet wine with savory food is a truly heaven-sent combo. Expert Chef and co-owner of Red Herring in Los Angeles, Dave Woodwall recently formulated an ingenious combination that pairs Stella Rosa® Imperiale...

Dare to try some stranger things this Stellaween? Spook yourself out with this No. Eleven cocktail, a tribute to Stranger Things, which is currently one of our favorite series on Netflix! it may be a little peculiar-looking, but it is certainly delicious. Trust us, friends...

Stella Rosa Recipe

Like many, Fridays are one of our favorite days.  We look forward to wrapping up a long work week by relaxing with our friends, family, and favorite Stella Rosa wine.  We love a good wine and recipe pairing because what’s better than great food alongside great wine?!  We can’t think of anything either!  Today’s fun recipe is this tasty spaghetti with clams and garlic paired with Stella Rosa Rosso.  Happy Friday!


Being an adult is expensive! There is so much we have to spend on like bills, rent, groceries, clothes, and alcohol. Yes, alcohol is a necessity in many of our lives and as much as we like the occasional drink now and then, just one drink alone can cost $10-15 (on the low side). Don’t you wish you were able to make your own wine cocktail recipes at home on your own? You’ll have to buy the ingredients but if you break it down, you’ll end up spending less and get more cocktails out of it! Wine-Cocktail-Recipes_2 What you should do is look online for recipes of your favorite wine cocktails, as well as looking for some that you may have never tried before. Take into consideration the level of difficulty of the wine cocktails. Some will have you creating a simple syrup on the stove. Others may require a blender. Yet some may also ask for ingredients you are unfamiliar with. Also keep in mind the ratios of ingredients and prices.
32_italian cream cake Today we're having our cake, eating it too, and pairing it with Stella Rosa, because who doesn’t love a cake and wine combo? We are all about mixing sweets and our sweet tooth is on overdrive this month, so we are pairing this tasty Italian Cream Cake with our Stella Rosa Platinum. The natural flavors of green apple and vanilla in Stella Platinum really brings out the creaminess in this decadent Italian cake.
Recipe_LavaCake We've melted your hearts once before with Stella Rosa wine, but prepare to have your heart melted again with this molten lava cake made with Stella Rosa Black and topped with a to-die-for Stella Rosa Black blackberry sauce! We certainly can't get enough of the ooey-gooey goodness. Try out the recipe for yourself!
Stella Red Chocolate Slushie 2 Stella RED Chocolate Slushy is a new breed of cocktail - a dangerously delicious and sophisticated frozen drink. With quality ingredients, you can now create an intricate, boozed-up slurpee! And what makes this drink even more fun is the chocolate whipped cream on top! Stella RED Chocolate Slushy is utterly chic, refreshing, and tastes so darn good. This is complete perfection you have to try: