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Certain drinks are a staple in the kitchen and the best ones are those that can be used for a variety of times. Our Stella Rosa Moscato D’Asti is known as The Versatile One, which says it all. This light, effervescent white goes well with all types of foods, fruits, and desserts. It’s the best summertime wine. Moscato D’Asti can go with any summery snacks or light meals and is most refreshing when served ice cold.


Sweets and desserts is one of the biggest parts of any Valentine celebration. Between lovers, friends, and family members, Valentine’s can be celebrated between all people with all kinds of relationships. And one of the best wines that can be enjoyed by all is Moscato D’Asti because well, you need a wine for Valentine’s!


With the colder weather, it’s easy to pass up on the cold wine option. Moscato d’Asti is a delicious semi-sweet wine made from the Moscato di Canelli grape in Italy. It is sweet, but not overly sweet, and has the perfect amount of bubbles. This wine is the perfect aperitif and pairs great with light meals, but today, we’re going to share with you some dishes that you can include the delicious wine into. Here is the menu: As an aperitif, a glass of Moscato d’Asti. Italian wedding soup with meatballs and pepe noodles For our main course, pearl barley soup (made with a splash of Moscato d’Asti). The simplicity of the barley and vegetable soup with the hint of flavor from the Moscato d’Asti is perfection in a bowl, and warms up any heart on a cold day.


Little is as relaxing as coming home after a long day at work, kicking off your shoes, changing into comfy clothes, flipping on the TV, and sipping a cool glass of white Moscato wine. This is the scene that is going to ease your stress and give you a good nights rest. Nothing crazy, nothing that requires too much extra effort – just a nice, laid back evening.