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Stella Red Chocolate Slushie 2 Stella RED Chocolate Slushy is a new breed of cocktail - a dangerously delicious and sophisticated frozen drink. With quality ingredients, you can now create an intricate, boozed-up slurpee! And what makes this drink even more fun is the chocolate whipped cream on top! Stella RED Chocolate Slushy is utterly chic, refreshing, and tastes so darn good. This is complete perfection you have to try:
Stella Rosa Blackberry Crepe 1 Ever order crepes at a restaurant and upon looking at your beautifully plated and deliciously tasting dish, you ask yourself, "I wish I could make this at home"? What's stopping you?! These delicate crepes are quite simple to make at home. With a few ingredients and a few more steps, you'll master it in no time. Get your hands started with our excellent Stella Rosa Blackberry Crepes recipe:
Stella Rosa Rosso Cherry & Chocolate Tart 1 Oh, my sweetness goodness! This rich Stella Rosa Rosso cherry and chocolate tart is supreme delicacy. Savor the taste of fresh cherries, chocolate, and ricotta filling topped with a hint of Stella Rosa Rosso syrup - it is simply divine! Grab your bottle of Stella Rosa Rosso and take a bite for yourself:

sweet plum jam in a transparent bowl

We don't think you're ready for this Stella Rosa Rosso jelly, but if by chance you are, here is a scrumptious wine jelly recipe for you! Turn that bottle of Stella Rosa Rosso into a luxuriant treat (it can be an elegant and personal touch to your decadent cheeseboard when you're entertaining). Greeting cards put lovely sentiments into writing, but this Stella Rosa Rosso jelly will express those magical words even more perfectly. So, if you're ready, let's start cookin'!
Homemade cookies are better than store-bought ones, there's no doubt about that. But have you ever tried your hand at making a batch of Stella Rosa-infused cookies? It might sound strange but honestly, it's not. Once you bite into this ooey-gooey goodness, you'll already want to make a second batch. So, throw on that apron, bust out that mixer, and let's get started! chewy-chocolate-peanut-butter-chip-cookies-stack
White Sangria 3 Traditionally, Sangria is a red wine drink with a mix of fruits marinating in it. The name Sangria comes from the blood-red coloring of the highly popular drink, but in this case, we are making a white sangria with Stella Rosa wine! No need to fret because we promise it will be just as spectacular. This festive alcoholic fruity-punch is suitable for any and all occasions, so let's see if you can refrain from pouring yourself a glass before letting all the fruits sit in the wine for a bit! Yes, our recipe is THAT good.
How many of you know that May 25 is National Wine Day? We're not just making it up! It's time to uncork some bottles of Stella Rosa because why wouldn't you Stellabrate your favorite alcoholic drink! After all, it IS a National Holiday... The question remains: how do you go about Stellabrating National Wine Day? The answer: host your very own Stella Rosa tasting party! Wine tastings aren't reserved for fancy restaurants and wineries. Your home can be the ideal place for family and friends to wine-down on this epic holiday. A little shopping and planning can make this wine tasting event fun and affordable and we've got all the tips to get you started! il_fullxfull.320727880  
moscato An immensely favorable semi-sweet wine among newcomers and veterans wine-lovers alike, Moscato is for those who love the light, airy, sweet flavor that pairs well with brunch and dessert, or even tastes great by itself!
redwine Chances are, you've had a few glasses of red wine. But, do you know exactly why that glass of wine is red? The hue of red wine comes from a wide variety of grapes that are anywhere from red to maroon to purple to blue. Particularly, it's the skin of these grapes that create the unique and profound color of red wine. During the process of wine creation, the juice is in contact with the skin of the grape, which facilitates the color (not to mention tannins) within the wine. Of course, with each individual wine, the color variation is contingent on the type of grape and the amount of time the skin touches the grape juice.