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We have a sweet tooth around here and today we are featuring our version of a fruit parfait that we bet you’re going to want seconds and thirds of.  We love including Stella Rosa in everything, so of course we are throwing that into the recipe for you with a sweet wine sauce!  Our wine of choice today: Stella Rosa Rosso.  Every spoonful of creamy vanilla yogurt, fresh strawberries, blueberries, and Stella Rosa Rosso sauce will make your mouth water.  So, get that bottle of Stella Rosso out of the fridge and be that much closer to enjoying this wine-infused dessert!


Moving into Fall means we’re moving back towards our favorite red wines, including sweet red wines. Now is the perfect season to cozy up with a glass of sweet red wine and turn on Netflix or open up a new book. Our favorite picks for sweet red wines are under the Stella Rosa brand.


Your friends are coming over tomorrow afternoon for lunch. It's going to be a beautiful day so you want to serve lunch out in the backyard. Your food menu is set, now all you need is a wine that is not too powerful. You want a wine that is light, refreshing, and fruity that will go well with your afternoon meal. After doing some research, you decide that sweet red wines are the best way to go.


We are currently obsessing over these Stella Rosa wine smoothies.  They are delicious and refreshing and a fun way to cool down as we start to say goodbye to Summer.  Here is everything you need to enjoy our Stella Rosa wine smoothies for yourself this weekend.
[caption id="attachment_5805" align="aligncenter" width="379"]Photo: http://www.thesweetestoccasion.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/melon-drink.jpg Photo: http://www.thesweetestoccasion.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/melon-drink.jpg[/caption] What a curious Summer it has been for us here in Southern California. Yeah we’re spoiled with like, 300 days of sun each year and we freak out when the temperature drops below 70 and the rain comes down on us, which it has quite a lot this Summer (though unfortunately not nearly enough to alleviate our drought problem). But now that we’re finally getting some 90+ degree weather, we’re desperate for some ice cold drinks. Make that ice cold cocktails, because alcohol makes everything better.
We-Love-Our-Dangerously-Delicious-Stella-Red_1 Stella Rosa Red is a semi-sweet, semi-sparkling wine that has only been on the market for a year (September 2014) but has managed to draw a lot of very positive attention, very quickly. Stella Red made from a blend of several red grape varietals. The juice is fermented at various intervals throughout the year, allowing the wine to remain fresh and delicate.
Stella-Rosso-Is-Americas-Favorite-Red-Wine_2 Stella Rosa is America’s favorite semi-sweet wine that are actually produced in Italy. They are brought to the United States to live the American dream where consumers can enjoy a high value wine at a great price. Stella Rosa is known as the original semi-sweet, semi-sparkling wine and people from all over the world love the sweetness and great taste that Stella Rosa offers its consumers. Stella Rosa strives to encourage fans to find a connection and inspiration behind the brand.


Sweet red wines are the gateway for new wine drinkers. Most wines are dry and take some time to get used to, which is why most new wine drinkers need to be eased into the industry. New wine drinkers are young and these days, palates are accustomed to sweet foods. That means sweet wines are the perfect introduction.
Best-Way-To-Chill-Stella-Rosa-Wine_3 It's Summer and the temps are rising - you're obviously craving something light and refreshing to cool you down, right? Well, we've got you covered! The best Summer drinks are served over ice and our Stella Rosa wines are no exception to that rule. We've created some amazingly delicious and super simple frozen rosé ice cubes that will keep your glass nice and chilled all Summer long!
How-To-Score-Brownie-Points-With-Stella-Rosa-Red-1 We don't expect you to have left over Stella Rosa Red wine, but we do expect that you'll want to save a little bit so you can bake scrumptious rich fudge chocolate brownies! These brownies are absolutely to die for and with the added Stella Rosa Red, they'll be the best brownies to have ever passed through your lips. Just follow these simple instructions and you're on your way to chocolate and wine brownie heaven: