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Stella-Platinum-Is-Crisp-And-Luxurious_1 Stella Rosa wines originate from a small town in Northern Italy, but have quickly become an American favorite. Stella Rosa are award-winning, semi-sweet, semi-sparkling wines that are not boring or too harsh to drink. Stella Rosa makes a variety of flavors that are easy to drink and Stella Platinum is one of them.


We're all about wine, parties, and DIYs. Since summer is a popular time for showers, engagement parties and girlfriend brunches, we thought we'd show you how to DIY your own Stella Rosa Mimosa Bar.  It’s a simple and fun way to keep your guests entertained and liquored up.  So if you’re thinking of hosting a party in the near future, consider these quick and easy steps to get you through your first DIY Mimosa Bar.  We guarantee it will be the hit of the party!
ChocolateCoveredSR This Valentine's Day, show the queens in your life how special they are by making them a batch of the sweetest, most flirty treat: Chocolate Covered Stella Rosa Strawberries! If girls could ask for one dessert for February 14 (let alone any other day and occasion of the year) it would be these delights.
mochi-rice-cake You are on top of the Stella Rosa wine trend, and now it’s time for you to get on board for the newly trending mochi. You may have heard of it, you may have tried it. But until now, you didn’t know about this: a mochi recipe that uses Stella Rosa wine! Making a Stella Rosa version of this Japanese rice cake treat is much simpler than you might imagine, so let’s get started!