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SR_SangriaBoba_Blog Boba, what exactly are those funny dark, gooey, and chewy balls? Who really cares when you have a sangria boba? That’s right – we cooked up yet another crazy concoction that is going to be your drink of choice this Summer. In fact, consider this every perfect Summer drink combined into one! We love Stella Rosa, we love sangria, and we love boba. And if you’re like us, you’ll love this recipe!
White Sangria 3 Traditionally, Sangria is a red wine drink with a mix of fruits marinating in it. The name Sangria comes from the blood-red coloring of the highly popular drink, but in this case, we are making a white sangria with Stella Rosa wine! No need to fret because we promise it will be just as spectacular. This festive alcoholic fruity-punch is suitable for any and all occasions, so let's see if you can refrain from pouring yourself a glass before letting all the fruits sit in the wine for a bit! Yes, our recipe is THAT good.