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After a long week of meetings, appointments, and deadlines there is nothing we look forward to more than the weekend.  Whether you have a jam packed schedule of errands to run, people to hang out with, or simply laying low and catching up on your favorite shows, one thing’s for sure – we will be making time to sit back, relax, and enjoy Stella Rosa.


Even though Rose wines and sangrias are the stars during spring and summer, we still like to sip on a delicious red wine every now and then. We’ll save the dry red wines for the winter season; these hot days call for cold, refreshing, fun wines like semi-sweet red wines. And of course, because we do care about the quality and reputation of the things we consume, we always choose award-winning semi-sweet red wines from our favorite brand, Stella Rosa Wines.

Fan-pire_1 Festival season is upon us and while we may be stressing out about finding that perfect outfit, one thing’s for sure - we know that our drink of choice is going to be Stella Rosa!  Stella Rosa is semi-sweet and very refreshing, and since it’s best served chilled, it’s the drink to enjoy while relaxing by the pool with your closet friends.  We love adding fresh fruit in ours and making it into a fun Stella Rosa cocktail.  The options with Stella Rosa seem endless, and with the variety of flavors we carry you will find it difficult to choose your favorite.


Any wine lover knows that spilling semi-sweet sparkling red wine is almost like a heart attack. The moment you tip the glass or bottle and see it falling over, the moment you have to accept that it’s too late for you to save, it’s quite a heartbreaker. For semi-sweet sparkling red wine lovers, it’s as bad as anything can get. Now, not only do you no longer have any red wine to drink, but now you are tasked with figuring out how to remove those red wine stains! Thankfully, we’ve got some tips that will help with the pains of semi-sweet sparkling red wine stains. Salt Using salt to remove semi-sweet sparkling red wine stains is especially good on carpets and rugs. First, blot out as much wine from the stain area as possible using a paper towel. Then, pour salt over the stain, completely covering it. The salt will begin soaking up some of the stain. Then, vacuum to clean up the salt!
Didn’t make it to the gym this morning? No worries. Your internal cardio lover is probably making you feel so guilty about it, but everyone deserves a day off, a day to sleep in, or no cardio at all. Now, if you don’t fit into any of those categories, we have your back. Stella-Burn-Calories_1
minishoot_02032016-1 A few things come to mind when we think of Valentine’s Day and that list includes chocolate, heart cookies, red velvet cupcakes, and wine, but not just any wine, Stella Rosa semi-sweet red wine to be exact.   Stella Rosa is semi-sweet and semi-sparkling wine that is light, refreshing, and perfect to enjoy with your favorite gal pals, or that special someone.  Wherever that day finds you, we recommend you Stellabrate with Stella Rosa semi-sweet red wines.