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We all know and love Jamie Oliver, and if we aren’t experts on his background, we at least know the name and have heard his incredible accent. This past week, he released a recipe for what he called the “Pimped-Out Prosecco.” And when Jamie Oliver says to make something, we don’t think twice! SR_ProseccoBar1 This recipe is perfect for the holiday season and will be our go-to drink at all of our New Year’s Eve parties. The passion fruit and citrus flavors are just what we need to get the party started and to end the night.
Girl Scout 1 Take yourself back to a nostalgic era with the taste of scrumptious Girl Scout cookies and a refreshing glass of your favorite Stella Rosa wine. Pairing these two delicacies will have your inner child jumping up with joy while your adult side gets to indulge in an alcoholic boost. This is how a childhood classic meets an adult-friendly twist! Follow our guide on how to pair Stella Rosa Wines with those special Girl Scout cookies that are only offered once a year.