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Stella Rosa never fails to find a way to upgrade your favorite childhood treats into an adults-only version. We’ve done a Creamsicle cocktail that tastes just like the real deal popsicle, gummy bears, lollipops, and ice cream floats, just to name a few. Now we...

pink-butter Can you believe that it's Stella Rosa butter?! Well, you better believe it now with our new Stella Rosa wine-infused butter recipe! We all love how much better butter can make something taste, and we all love our variety of artisan butters. Now, we can add this super-simple-to-make Stella Rosa butter into the mix!
Pink Moscato Popcorn 3 Popcorn has long been a moviegoer's favorite snack, but these hip and happening days, regular butter popcorn is just too normal and not enough fun. Plus, not many people go to the movie theaters anymore, and snacks there are just too expensive. But this Stella Rosa Pink Popcorn recipe changes up the whole snack game! It's easy to make and exactly what you need and want to be munching on next time you binge watch TV shows and movies at home!