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Favorite flowers, delicious fruits, warmer weather. It’s beginning to look a lot like spring! New York Fashion Week calls out the new trends, but we have decided to call out the next best wines for spring. We are definitely seeing pink in your future, so plan accordingly! Today, we are bringing two original collections and two Imperial collection Stella Rosa Wines. SR_Spr2016Blog2 Stella Pink® is a semi-sweet, lightly sparkling wine with a vibrant pink hue that gives off delicate fresh peach, honey, and red berry qualities. Stella Berry® is a “semi sweet”, lightly sparkling, proprietary blend produced from various grapes which add a vibrant magenta color. The addition of natural wild strawberry and blackberry flavors contributes to a uniquely delicious palate and nose.


We know just how important it is to have that refreshing glass of wine waiting for you after a long day at the office.  We also want to make our lives and your lives easier. With that being said, we’ve frozen some fruit and made them into our own version of ice cubes, a simple trick you can do with almost any fruit.  It will keep your glass of Stella Rosa chilled and most importantly, won’t water it down.
Pink Moscato Popcorn 3 Popcorn has long been a moviegoer's favorite snack, but these hip and happening days, regular butter popcorn is just too normal and not enough fun. Plus, not many people go to the movie theaters anymore, and snacks there are just too expensive. But this Stella Rosa Pink Popcorn recipe changes up the whole snack game! It's easy to make and exactly what you need and want to be munching on next time you binge watch TV shows and movies at home!