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We’re already dreaming about Winter.  Everywhere you turn you see holiday lights, Christmas trees, and festive decorations that make it impossible not to feel joyful.  We are getting ready for the most wonderful time of the year with one of our favorite wintertime staples – hot chocolate!  This isn’t your average hot chocolate though, so prepare yourself for a chocolatey-wine treat with this Stella Rosa Red Wine Hot Chocolate.
stella rosa pasta sauce Pasta is a stable dish.  It’s high in carbohydrates, gives you energy, and provides essential nutrients.  So, why are we talking about pasta you may ask?  Well, it’s World Pasta Day of course, and we are very excited to stellabrate this day with you!
[caption id="attachment_5815" align="aligncenter" width="640"]Photo: @kona_blue22 Photo: @kona_blue22[/caption] Of the 15 flavors in the Stella Rosa brand, Stella Rosa Black is definitely hanging out in the more popular end of the lineup. Stella Black is only 2 years old (it debuted in August 2013) but is very sophisticated, sexy, and seductive. It’s a fan favorite of both men and women alike.
Stella Rosa Blackberry Crepe 1 Ever order crepes at a restaurant and upon looking at your beautifully plated and deliciously tasting dish, you ask yourself, "I wish I could make this at home"? What's stopping you?! These delicate crepes are quite simple to make at home. With a few ingredients and a few more steps, you'll master it in no time. Get your hands started with our excellent Stella Rosa Blackberry Crepes recipe: