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Semi-sweet white wines are light and refreshing. When you’re having a rough day, pour yourself a glass of white wine. When you’re having a relaxing day, pour yourself a glass of white wine. When you’re having a party with pals, semi-sweet white wine is your drink. If it sounds like we’re insinuating that semi-sweet white wine is the wine to have for any and all occasions, it’s because we are!


The holiday season is always fun and joyful! That is, until you have to buy a present for the one person who either hates everything, or has everything. We can assure you, the one thing they will not hate or have (or have too much of) is semi-sweet sparkling wine.


Everyone loves a good white wine. Whether you are in the mood for something sweet, something crisp, or something buttery, white wine is the perfect option. Stella Rosa semi-sweet white wines offer all of the above flavors, with so many more tasting notes.


You hear the term “dry wine” all the time but do you really know what the “dry” part means? It is used to refer to the level of residual sugar in the wine. A dry wine will have no (or very little) residual sugar. Residual sugar gets converted into alcohol during the fermentation process, so the less residual sugar, the less sweet the wine is, and thus the more of a dry wine it will be.