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What is the only thing better than white wine? Sparkling white wine! With warmer days ahead of us, the outdoor events, BBQs, parties, and events are inevitable. Nowadays, there are very few groups of friends who all eat the same foods. Though it might be difficult to appease everyone on a specific food, it is easy to make everyone happy by choosing the perfect wine. Our suggestion to this dilemma? Stella Rosa Sparkling White Wine.
Sparkling white wine is not only great for special occasions, but is also the perfect companion for all spring and summer events! As fun as it is to toast sparkling white wine at midnight on New Year’s Eve or at your company’s holiday party, it is just as great and refreshing on a spring or summer night. Best part about it? That isn’t where it ends. The possibilities for sparkling white wine are limitless. From an aperitif, to mimosas, to other cocktails, to food pairing, sparkling white wines are incredible for any occasion.