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Semi-sweet red wines have steadily been growing in popularity over the last few years, and a big push behind this are the millennials who are of drinking age – the majority of wine drinkers are millennials! This younger generation is more accustomed to sweeter flavors and having a good time, which is exactly the kind of vibe and essence that semi-sweet red wines gives off.



In a package of Starbursts, which is your favorite? What about Skittles? Gummy bears? Most likely, 9 out of 10 answers will be red. So why limit your favorite reds to candy? Sweet red wines are our favorite wines out of the package.


We are in the spirit of baking, so we’re whipping up a special treat today because our sweet tooth is on overdrive. We are combining our love of wine, cake, and frosting into one perfect little dessert.  Obvs we’re bringing Stella Rosa into the mix, literally.
[caption id="attachment_5805" align="aligncenter" width="379"]Photo: http://www.thesweetestoccasion.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/melon-drink.jpg Photo: http://www.thesweetestoccasion.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/melon-drink.jpg[/caption] What a curious Summer it has been for us here in Southern California. Yeah we’re spoiled with like, 300 days of sun each year and we freak out when the temperature drops below 70 and the rain comes down on us, which it has quite a lot this Summer (though unfortunately not nearly enough to alleviate our drought problem). But now that we’re finally getting some 90+ degree weather, we’re desperate for some ice cold drinks. Make that ice cold cocktails, because alcohol makes everything better.
We-Love-Our-Dangerously-Delicious-Stella-Red_1 Stella Rosa Red is a semi-sweet, semi-sparkling wine that has only been on the market for a year (September 2014) but has managed to draw a lot of very positive attention, very quickly. Stella Red made from a blend of several red grape varietals. The juice is fermented at various intervals throughout the year, allowing the wine to remain fresh and delicate.
[caption id="attachment_5815" align="aligncenter" width="640"]Photo: @kona_blue22 Photo: @kona_blue22[/caption] Of the 15 flavors in the Stella Rosa brand, Stella Rosa Black is definitely hanging out in the more popular end of the lineup. Stella Black is only 2 years old (it debuted in August 2013) but is very sophisticated, sexy, and seductive. It’s a fan favorite of both men and women alike.
Sweet Wines Are The Best Kept Secret Most individuals lack the opportunity to experience the beauty and complexity of a top-tier sweet wine. We receive questions like, "Is Moscato a sweet wine?" and "What exactly makes the best sweet wine?" Well, we're here to answer all this and more! What makes the best red sweet wine, not unlike regular wine, is the balance between a sweet, full, grape taste and level of acidity. The acid gives that little zest or sparkle you taste when you finish off a good semi-sweet red wine.