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Stella Rosa Black After a weekend in Las Vegas, we're still winding down from all the excitement and shenanigans - as it always seems to go, right? We spent a night in Aria at the Las Vegas Chocolate Festival & Pastry Show, entertaining guests who were there to feed their chocolate addiction. What better beverage to sip on with chocolate than the semi-sweet and lightly sparkling flavors of Stella Rosa?
Warming weather and blooming flowers are sure signs that Spring is here! Now is the time to take a longer stroll through the produce section of your local grocery store or farmer's market. You'll begin to notice a fresher variety of everyone's favorite seasonal fruits and vegetables. With so many enticing options but only so much room in your budget, fridge, and appetite, it's hard to decide! We've taken it upon ourselves to make your next "A"-list grocery list, rounding up our favorite Spring-to-Summer season produce for you. We even did the extra step in deciding your new cooking ventures by finding some great recipes that let these food items shine.
redwine Chances are, you've had a few glasses of red wine. But, do you know exactly why that glass of wine is red? The hue of red wine comes from a wide variety of grapes that are anywhere from red to maroon to purple to blue. Particularly, it's the skin of these grapes that create the unique and profound color of red wine. During the process of wine creation, the juice is in contact with the skin of the grape, which facilitates the color (not to mention tannins) within the wine. Of course, with each individual wine, the color variation is contingent on the type of grape and the amount of time the skin touches the grape juice.