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Stellabrate the New Year with the Stella Rosa Imperiale Collection! These five artisan sparkling wines will bring you into the New Year the right way. We have characterized these five delicious Imperiale wines to help you find your best match! So which Stella Rosa Imperiale are you? OR, better yet, which Stella Rosa Imperiale wine do you strive to be in the coming New Year? The Young at Heart: Delicate, sophisticated, and colorful, Imperiale Moscato Rose has flavors of rich nectarine and yellow peach.
'Tis the season to get jolly and be merry! Buying gifts for friends and family can be challenging and expensive - what is a useful gift they want and need that won't break your bank? This year, consider changing things up by tapping into your creative side and making them a fun gift, complete with your thought and effort. We picked out some of our favorite crafty ideas that you can do with wine glasses and all those recycled Stella Rosa corks you have piling up:
It's the most wonderful time of the year! Stellabrate the holiday cheer with one of these joyful Stella Rosa cocktails. There is no need to be a professional bartender to boost your holiday spirits - these simple recipes can easily be perfected in the comfort of your own home. Let's get started!

Hot Chocolate