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Thanks to daylight savings, the days are longer! Sort of, not really. But the sun shines later on into the day, giving us more reason and desire to go out with friends and coworkers after work for Happy Hour. And there are more wine options on the menu like sangrias and roses. But, frankly, our favorite happy hour drinks in Spring and Summer are the best dry wines you can find all year long.



Do you really know what a dry wine is? What makes a dry wine dry? A dry wine is a wine that has no residual sugar; a dry wine is not sweet. During the fermentation process, yeast consumes the sugars of the juice. In making sweet wines like Stella Rosa wines, for example, the fermentation process stops before the yeast consumes all the sugars. In making dry wines, the fermentation process runs until all the sugars are gone.
Dark-Wines-Are-The-New-White-Wine_1 Wine drinkers are always looking for a simple and refreshing wine. Dark wines are becoming more popular among wine drinkers and we found a list of dark wines that light, crisp, and refreshing. You will love this selection of dark wines from Stella Rosa.
We have just the perfect ideas for you to Stellabrate Earth Day and show your support for environmental protection, and they all start with drinking Stella Rosa. Sounds good already, huh? Once you've finished off your wine, get to crafting something cool and handy with those bottles and corks. There's no sense in throwing them away - do you REALLY know where your trash ends up? Mother Earth, your environmentalist friends, and the garbage and recycling companies will appreciate your efforts, and so will we - we love seeing what awesome things can be made with recycled Stella Rosa wine bottles and corks! Check it out - we've picked out some projects to get you started.
You may have some objects laying around the house that you might think are trash, but don't get your trash bags ready just yet. Some of these objects have potential to become something new! Here is where upcycling comes into play. Grab a couple of friends, maybe a bottle of Stella Rosa too, and get ready to get crafty. Here are some fun filled ideas for you:
There's more than one way to enjoy good wine and that's by adding it into food, especially desserts. You get the best of both worlds when you can enjoy your wine-infused dessert with a glass of wine! An extra serving of wine never hurts! And don't worry about wasting wine on experiments gone wrong - you know I've got you covered! Try out some of my 7 favorite dessert recipes that I like to kick up a notch with the addition of Stella Rosa.
wine For newcomers to the fascinating world of wine, differentiating between "sweet," "semi-sweet, "semi-dry," and "dry" can often boggle the mind! However, these simple classifications help us understand exactly how sweet the wine will be on the palate (the tongue). Wine sweetness doesn't rely only on the amount of sugar - it's calculated by alcohol level, tannins (that make wine bitter), and acidity too.