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Sweet Sparkling Red Wine_1

February quickly came and left, and we are very excited for spring and the warmer weather it brings.  Although we are always in the mood for Stella Rosa, springtime is especially great for enjoying refreshing and tasty semi-sweet wines like these.  Stella Rosa is best served chilled and has a variety of semi-sweet sparkling red wines that range from blackberry to strawberry to red berry.  These sparkling red wines are great to enjoy during springtime as well as for special occasions like birthday parties, to no occasion at all, like a quiet dinner at home.
red berry ice cream (1 of 1) A glass of wine after a long day can be relaxing, but why not mix it up a little this Summer with homemade Stella Rosa wine ice cream? Yes, you read that right - wine ice cream! It incorporates a childhood favorite with an alcoholic twist. Plus, you are never too old for ice cream (especially if it has Stella Rosa in it.) So for all you Stella Rosa and ice cream fanatics, try out our recipe!  
One of the biggest Springtime holidays is finally here! Easter might seem like a childish holiday with egg hunts, chocolate, and Peeps, but why can't you make it a little more adult-friendly too? There's no reason you can't have some fun too! Let the young ones run wild as they hunt for eggs on a sugar high while you grab some bottles of Stella Rosa - it's time to Stellabrate Easter a new way!
coachella2 What a weekend! Indio may be emptying out for the week but the posts and hashtags on social media will continue to grow all week long, fueling the excitement for those trekking there for Weekend 2. Overheard during Weekend 1: all the mumblings of attendees who lost their group, their belongings, or simply their mind (and not in a good way). So, we've listed out the most crucial tips and tricks to surviving the festival. A couple of days in the desert can go awfully wrong if you are not prepared. You didn't shell out the hundreds to miss your favorite acts and attractions!
coachella It's the music festival California goes all out for - yep, we're talking about Coachella! It's right around the corner and while some veteran festival-goers have been counting down the days since the end of 2013's event, the newbies are still trying figure out not only how to navigate the massive talent lineup, but also what essentials to bring to survive and capture an unforgettable weekend. Well, that's why we're here. In part 1 of our Stellachella series, we bunched an eclectic mix of artists you won't want to miss - a nice melting pot of different musical sounds and styles if you will.